MEZMOGLOBE™- Kinetic desk toy with full body optical ilusion

Created by Kristoph Krisjans

ORDER NOW- WE SHIP STRAIGHT AWAY! Revolving sphere that creates a mind-bending 360° optical illusion of continuously flowing helix. Simply rotate it to reveal the mind-bending effect of a continuously flowing spherical helix. This is the only place where you can order the original Mezmoglobe directly from it's creators while our homepage is in development stage.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

A Sneak Peek!
12 months ago – Thu, Oct 03, 2019 at 02:43:25 AM

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News from Mezmoglobe team!
about 1 year ago – Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 02:58:06 PM

Hey Mezmoglobe friends, we hope you are doing good. Almost two months have passed since our last update so we wanted to share some exciting news from our side.

Mezmoglobe getting famous in Japan:)

As mentioned previously we are actively working with distributors all around the World and have been quite successful on collaborating with our Japanese retailer. He is helping us to get constant sales from there and presenting Mezmoglobe in various trade shows. The biggest news we got recently is that Mezmoglobe will appear in a movie which will be a Japanese version of Sherlock Holmes. We can't wait to see the result and will update you when any visuals will be available.

New project coming soon...

While we are still in the fulfillment stage for our latest project Mezmocoin, I am also creating a new prototypes for my other product ideas. One of them is my next creation in Mezmo  brand product line which I am super excited to show you very soon. At the moment I can not say too much but I am pretty sure you will love it;)

Collaborating with my teammate and brother

As a designer I love to be in the creative phase and I am more than happy to collaborate with other creators. One of the creators I especially enjoy to work with is my teammate and also my brother Karl. Recently he launched his own project that I personally have helped him with. It is a very unique pen inspired by the retro Aircraft. If you are interested you can check out the project HERE


 Projects We Love ❤️ 

SmartHalo 2- Make your bike smarter

Designed by cyclists, for cyclists; SmartHalo 2 is the all-in-one connected device that breathes life into your bike. Discover new routes with clear navigation signals, protect your bike with an ear-piercing anti-theft alarm, light your way with the powerful front light, display your fitness metrics, and more! Join the 10 000+ backers and make your rides safer and better now. Click Here to check it out!


B-2 Dog Tag | Fully Concealed Nano Blade Pocket Knife

The creators of the World's Most Successful Pocket Knife are back with B-2 Dog Tag. It is a concealed pocket knife inside a discreet military style sheath. Hurry up and grab early birds before they run out, CLICK HERE!


We hope you enjoyed the update and till the next one, ;)

Kristoph & team!

News from Mezmoglobe team!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 03:10:28 PM

Hey Mezmoglobe friends, we hope you are doing good. Thanks for all the love and ongoing support. We wanted to give you a quick update on how things are moving forward on our side. 

Stock is almost out

As you know our globes are available on Indiegogo and some other retailers as well. We have been blessed with such support that our Mezmoglobe stock is quickly burning out and we should start thinking about filling up our warehouse soon. The Gold color is already out of stock. 

Working on a new Mezmoglobe edittion.....

We are always in the creative phase and at the moment we are experimenting with something very interesting. For now we can't tell much but it might be a new edition for one of our optical illusion toys!?....:) Anyhow you will be notified when it is ready!


If you would like to get an additional globe to your collection you can grab one on Indiegogo. We are shipping out those rewards in batches once a week.


We are always here to serve our supporters so if you have any questions about your Mezmoglobe reward or delivery please reach us out to:


Projects supporting Mezmoglobe

MICROBLADE PILL™ - tiny cutting tool

Our good friends from MICROCARRY have launched a really cool project- an EDC cutting tool in a size of a pill. The special Early birds are still available! Make sure to check them out HERE


Nanobag 3.0 - The ultimate reusable shopping bag 

Only 3 last days on Kickstarter! These tiny shopping bags and backpacks are ultra light, ultra strong and ultra portable. Finally it’s convenient to always carry a bag. Comes in 11 colorful designs. Get them HERE.  


PLUVI - A Trendy Umbrella for Outstanding People 

An Ultra Durable, Lightweight and Flexible Umbrella with Italian Design and Patented Sustainable Innovation that makes it 100% Recyclable. CLICK HERE! 


We hope you enjoyed the update and till the next one, ;)

Kristoph & team!

The Journey continues!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 04:22:27 PM

Hey Mezmoglobe fans! It's been a while since our last update and today we would like to share some news from our team.

Mezmoglobe after the Kickstarter

It has been 4 months since the Mezmoglobe fulfillment was finished. For every new product it is a whole different challenge to be successful in the market after the crowdfunding phase has ended. So far we have achieved pretty good results by successfully continuing our sales on Indiegogo market and also establishing relationships with various retail partners in US, Japan and few other countries. Our product can be found in online stores like Huckberry, ArtOfPlay and few others. We are working to expand and popularize the Mezmoglobe brand much more in the nearest future. 

We are also working to create a new homepage called where we will post all of our products. It will make it much easier to find all our creations in one place since we are pretty active in designing new products every year :)

ANY QUESTONS ABOT YOUR SHIPMENT? We are always here to serve our previous campaigns so if you stil have any questions about your Mezmoglobe reward or delivery please reach us out to: 


We are always in the creative phase, as a designer that is my favorite part - brainstorming, drawing, prototyping and bringing those ideas into something tangible. Most likely you already saw my latest creation Mezmocoin which continues our optical illusion desk toy series. Thanks to loyal backers it is already funded and I am super excited to bring it to everyone's desktops very soon. If you haven't already seen it you are welcome to VISIT OUR PROJECT HERE!

Our newest creation Mezmocoin can rotate over 12 minutes on a glass surface.
Our newest creation Mezmocoin can rotate over 12 minutes on a glass surface.

There are some future ideas already put on the drawing board so I will keep you updated when something tangible is created out of those ;) Also I wanted to mention that your amazing feedback is a true drive for me that has brought a lot of inspiration to work even harder. Thank you so much for that!


Projects supporting Mezmoglobe

We have amazing friends on Kickstarter supporting us. Make sure to check out their amazing creations.

 MAGNETIPS: World’s Most Incredible Magnetic Pens

At first glance, these new gel pens form Magnetips look a bit like magic. Each pen hides 2 strong Neodymium Magnets. Thanks to their magnetic power, you will be able to create,  fidget and play and like with no other pen set around. Check out their campaign HERE.


Nanobag 3.0 - The ultimate reusable shopping bag 

These tiny shopping bags and backpacks are ultra light, ultra strong and ultra portable. Finally it’s convenient to always carry a bag. Comes in 11 colorful designs. Get your bags HERE


The RODA Gyroscope 

Our friends from Mechanical Design Labs has created an amazing project- they have come up with the next generation of gyroscope.  Expanding the capabilities of well known toy and creating a gyroscope that would fascinate and educate. Make sure to CHECK IT OUT HERE! 


 We hope you enjoyed the update and till the next one  

Kristoph & team🖐️

Happy Mezmoglobe backers!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 07:13:45 PM

Today we would like to share a very quick update on our shipping progress and future plans.

1. Unsuccessful deliveries

ANY QUESTONS ABOT YOUR SHIPMENT? Please reach us out to:

As you know three weeks ago we finished sending out all the Mezmoglobe rewards. In such quantity there are always some unsuccessful shipments due to various reasons, but no worries- we are super active to resolve them all. Every week we receive few packages that are sent back to us and we reach out to those backers immediately. 

Also be sure to check out or instruction page when you receive your globe:

2. Your Feedback continues

I know that I already mentioned this :)) But really, as a creator and a designer I am so happy to receive your positive feedback. Hearing your stories about how people stand in a line to check out Mezmoglobe that is left on a reception table or how husband and wife can't decide who will take their globe to work desk, just makes me smile. Knowing that Mezmoglobe can bring a little joy in someones day is the best reward to me and my team!

3. Our future plans

As mentioned in previous update we are working on our own online shop for Mezmoglobe and also we have started to collaborate with other distributors who will help us to expand our brand. 


Many of you asked about our future projects- as a designer I constantly have new ideas and brainstorming is one of my daily tasks:) As for now I have few products in the prototyping stage and hopefully those will be successful. It is one thing to have an awesome idea in your head and another to actually create a functional product. Anyhow, we will keep you updated :)


Projects supporting Mezmoglobe

BLITZ Mini Tactical Pocket Knife | Straight Edge Edition 

Our friends over at Bomber & Company are back at it again with the BLITZ Straight Edge Mini Tactical Pocket Knife.  It's a badass knife that was designed by over 22K Kickstarter backers!  CHECK THEM OUT HERE! 


Zero F*cks Given "Decision Maker" Coins! 

Don’t know if you should give a f*ck or not? Just flip this badass coin and let fate decide!!! These hilarious high-quality decision maker coins are available in 6 colors, have AMAZING details, and make for the perfect gag gift! Hurry though, it’s a short 14-day campaign! Check them out HERE!  


Rollbe: coin-sized stainless steel measuring tool that allows measuring both straight lines as well as curves.  

Be sure to check their awesome project HERE!


We hope you enjoyed the update and till the next one  

Kristoph & team🖐️